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Wedding Photography


          A wedding, no matter what kind (because there are so many) should be a joyous occasion,

and I aim to capture the fun and excitement in every wedding I photograph.

It's a big day after all, a day to be remembered for a long time afterwards and that, ultimately, is where the skill

of a good wedding photographer is so important.


The day of a wedding is packed full of different things, different moments, different scenes and happenings.

I love to capture not just the happy couple but family and guests too.

It's great to get that unguarded moment, like when a flower girl runs to grasp someone's hand

or when an elderly relative laughs out loud, just for the fun of it.


Weddings are to be celebrated and the photos from the day are part of recalling that wonderful celebration.

Featured Weddings


The only thing I will ask you to do on your wedding to forget I am there.


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