About me

Photography has been my work and my passion for over thirty years and in that time it has changed and evolved, keeping it both fascinating and challenging.


I learned my craft in the Royal Navy, which proved to be good grounding for a career in photography. (Naval photographers are expected to take anything from action shots to mug shots!)

It was during this time that I specialised in aerial photography, something that I continue to do today on a regular basis with many of my clients coming from property development businesses.


On leaving the Navy in the 1980s, I worked in London in the advertising world. This led me to creating photos for such as the cosmetics and drinks industries...an interesting mix!

It was during this time that I embarked on the growing trend for computer enhanced photography, which led ultimately to where I am today. Fully digital and computer savvy and yet able to work with older methods of creating great photographs too.


My work as a 'people' photographer has taken me into the wonderful world of weddings, where I endeavour to come up with memorable shots for all those involved.


When I'm not behind a camera my other passion is sailing, and I very often combine photography and the sea, taking people out on the water in the beautiful Western Isles of Scotland.

          Give me a photographic challenge (or a sailing one)

and I shall give you a job well done!